Fall Coat color

Early Spring Coat color


Coyote was fresh out of the pasture for these videos after some time off - His fall coat is getting dark!

 Registered with these Registries:  RMHA

Color: Chocolate

Gender: Gelding
DOB:  5/21/2014
Height: 14.1 HH
Sire:  Walkers Romeo

Dam:  Onyx's Ella

Farrier: Every 4-6 weeks 

Vet: Vaccinated using 6-Way Equi Ject, rabies

Deworming on a rotation, Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, Quest, Praziquantal

Trailers: Yes

Located in St. Criox falls Wisconsin

Vet checks at buyers expense. Current coggins and vaccination/deworming schedule in 2021.​​

​Great Personality kind guy. Naturally quiet with gait and go!

Click here for full pedigree information

Price when finished: $9500 (price subject to change)

​Coyote is in full time training now and soon will be ready for visits. 

Lineage: His sire has been crossed with many types of RM and KM in southern MN. I had the chance to train many half brothers- they are very trustworthy horses. Romeo(sire) is by the famous J Lee Walker and a Storm Warning mare (another very well known show horse in the breed.) His Dam is by the one and only JD Sambo- one of the most popular sires in the breed.  On his bottom side a very foundation type Clemon's horse which was from one of the original families that started the breed. 5 STAR pedigree!

Conformation: This guy is compact and perfectly balanced. He has nice straight legs and great wide hooves. He should be sturdy and durable with a shorter back (often means better gaits) and a hip that can really push his body up hills. Great prospect for an all day slow gait, not something to keep up with speed gaiters but built for comfort! Trained the way you want with a relaxed low headed walk and only wish to gait when YOU ask. The only thing I can say about his conformation is that he is a more narrow of a guy (not a fault but just something I notice), this is good for those who prefer that narrow feel instead of a wide chested horse that makes your hips feel uncomfortable. 

Ground Work: He saddles and tacks quietly. He also stands tied very well.... loads in the trailer and quiet for ground work.  He does not have bad habits. He accepts a bit well and picks up feet without much of a cue. 

On the ground he will short lunge, move rear quarters, pivot with the fore quarters, bend left and right with head and lower that head to accept a bridle. He does not crowd you in the pasture and is easy to catch. Super respectful of space. He sprays well with water and fly spray but can get unsettled if you come up with the water too fast. I just give him a little "heads up" by spraying his feet first then he accepts it all very well. 

About my training:
With my training, I utilize many training techniques to create a well-rounded horse. Whether you follow Pat Parelli, Ray Hunt, Nuno Oliveira, Clinton Anderson or other top trainers, we optimize the abilities of each horse to create a willing and dependable partner under saddle and a far more dependable horse on the trail! We train and desensitize for relaxation and further enhance the riders experience by training a horse to move all of it's body parts - these are the riders tools for riding. She is a calm girl for a wide range of riding scenarios and obstacles.  For more info about education click here!

Gait: Coyote is a natural gaiting horse with daisy clipper type gait at slow speed! He has a super free way of moving and it is really fun! In other words, he has a nice smooth, low kneed movement, should be easy on the rider out on trails. He is so easy to STAY in gait- it's automatic.  Our gaited horses are taught to gait naturally without artificial aids such as large shank bits, tiedowns, chains, or modified hooves. 

"These folks who say, ‘Nah, I don’t need all that fancy riding stuff. I just want to trail ride.’ That’s like saying, ‘I’m going to die out in the trees instead of in the arena.’ "--Buck Brannaman

Rider Preferred: I would recommend this horse for a knowledgeable intermediate horse person but also suited for families that are inexperienced as long as there is a foundation of experience with an instructor. He has a great personality to prove himself as an advanced beginner horse with the appropriate bonding and instruction. Respectful on the ground to pressure and is VERY curious to learn new things. If you are an extreme introvert that could become timid or scared- I would recommend lessons to heighten your skill level and provide this horse with an adequate amount of direction. If you are confident with your aids - and soft/ knowledgable you would be an ideal rider for him. Timid riders may not be an excellent solo match but it could be with a working relationship with your trainer/instructor. I would not recommend an overly anxious rider.

Health : 100% healthy. UTD on de-worming (4 times a year rotation) and vaccinations (every year) as well as hoof trimming. Speaking of feet, his feet are very hard and tough... easy to trim for the farrier. He goes barefoot and we start them that way. Shoes are not needed with this guy as his feet are well shaped. 

Feeding and Management: He is pasture managed (rotational grazing). I believe in a strong quality forage feeding program where most nutrients are provided through hay/grazing. An over abundance of grazing or extra feeding/ sugary treats are NOT recommended with this horse. Quality minerals are supplemented to fill in the gaps, different trace and white mineral blocks are provided free choice. When under extensive training, all horses are fed PREMIUM feed products to ensure a shiny coat and adequate flesh as well as a good energy level. I will also utilize quality natural forages such as whole oats and beet pulp depending on the individual. He receives high quality forage and pasture grazing during summer months. If fed a treat - he is not an aggressive eater (our treats are low sugar pellets). Overall he is an easy keeper without any IR issues. 

Personality: He gets along with all kinds. We have a mix of mares, geldings, pony, babies, yearlings, pregnant mares. As far as status he is more or less at the mid/top of the herd (or thinks he should be).  He seems to avoid confrontation- after his place is made known. Mostly he is friendly/inquisitive to others AND befriends them. He is quick to befriend mares. Welcome this guy to your mixed herd, he seems to be very social and kind! Coyote has always been friendly to humans- he usually is in the group to investigate what you are doing in the pasture. When haltered and in hand he is very sweet and loves to be scratched. 

Rockies like Coyote are smart, willing, friendly and above all, loyal. Come visit by appointment and see if Coyote is your next trusted, gaited mount!

Late Summer Coat color

Jack Flash

2014 Rocky Gelding

​Here is a preview of our horse in training to be sold

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