Some photos on this page are by Alyssa Smolen Photography

Here He is in his paddock doing a bow to lay down on command for me! Still in tune to his rider!

Cotton is OFFERED to the right home at this time. Scoop up the best horse you will ever ride NOW! 

Have you been looking for a chocolate gelding? Are you looking for a gait that you don't have to train for or work at to get? Do you need the smoothest horse in the world? He is IT! With Beauty AND brains!

He is a seasoned horse with all of the experience needed to coast beginner or timid riders into a safe ride. Cotton also has all the training "buttons" to allow the advanced rider the potential to do anything in your performance horse dreams!  He exhibits true, pure gaited collection. I just don't see that kind of talent among the breed! 

If you were interested in Cotton, with his extended experience, wide variety of skills, value as a long term riding horse, supreme athletic ability and gentleness...

Your investment is well worth the time spent to make him a great horse, not to mention your ultimate safety and satisfaction being able to do just about ANYTHING; not to mention a SHOWSTOPPER and SWEETHEART....  private treaty 

Cotton during a exhibition for a trail competition, this was the first time he has seen any kind of these obstacles. 

Midwest horse fair 2018

Cotton and Ebony executing a flawless example of gait at the MN Horse expo 2018. Ebony is his "wife" and he gently rides nicely with her every time.  Ebony is much faster than he is. A nice medium gait- not too fast.

See Below for more recent EXPOS!


DOB: 9/10/2009

Genetics: Ee nZ - Traditionally called "Chocolate" or "silver black"
Cotton carries a black gene (E), red gene (e), and he carries only one Silver dilution gene (Z). His mane stays WHITE! Unlike other silver horses that can often look almost black with age. Click here for more on genes!
​Negative for MCOA: Cotton has perfect eyes! Tested by a DVM Eye specialist, his eyes are clear.  He does not have any eye abnormalities associated with ASD/MCOA that we can detect. Do you want to know more about how the Silver gene is linked to this widely unknown genetic mutation? Click here!
Height: 15HH 
Training: Skijoring, Natural Horsemanship, bridle-less, Gaited Dressage, Gymkhana, Trail riding, cattle sorting, drill team, Extreme Mountain Trail (IMTCA), Endurance (AERC), driving, tricks
Personality: Puppy dog, in your pocket, loves people, would be low/medium on totem pole .  Cotton is also the type of horse you can put away for months and return to as the same horse you left!

Rider type: Beginner (Can go slow and gauge his rider) to advanced(Has all the skills to be fun!). He is one of the rare honest ones. He doesn't ever try to be bad but he knows when you scold him and he wants to truly please. 

Gait speed: LOW headed and slow most of the time- moves to a medium speed gait when asked. 

Bit: Snaffle / Bosal 

Health: 100% sound and has never been lame. UTD annual vaccines, Coggins and float assessment; farrier work is always maintained every 6-8 wks (barefoot); no long toes or lifts

Can be stalled or pastured (99% pastured/ large paddock/Electric wire) we feed CLEAN DUST FREE hay with supplements to optimize Cotton's performance. See our Smart Pack recommendations

​​​Cotton is extremely strongly GAITED, along with INTELLIGENCE, PERSONALITY, BRAVERY, ​BEAUTY & Smooth lines/ great ELEGANCE. 

Sire: Sewell's Chocolate Blaze (Choco X Sewell's Star) A grandson of Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown, a prolific son of the founding sire, TOBE! Also a multiple International Grand Champion!
Dam: Squirrel's Golden Girl (Maple's Squirrel X Old Yellow) A granddaughter of TOBE! Maple's Squirrel is known for his climbing gait, this boy surely has a similar style! Producer of many International Grand Champions!
Click here for full pedigree info

Cotton is available through private treaty at this time. For those looking for a upper echelon horse & a special companion.

Elegance and grace

R Squared     Special Reserve