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Some photos on this page are by Alyssa Smolen Photography

Stunning colt with legs for days!

Registered RMHA

Breed: full foundation Rocky Mountain Horse
DOB:  1-7-19
Color: Bay (Ee Aa, negative for silver/creme) May carry a variant of the roaning gene but tests negative with UC Davis.
Sex: Male
Estimated height: 15- 15.1HH (Via string test)
Markings: Star strip snip; Hind pastern; Hind Coronet

Price: $4000 (OBO) currently weaned 

Vet: first set of vaccinations complete (did great!) All vet checks at buyers expense

Farrier: every 6 weeks

Trailers: Yes

Location: Wisconsin

Sire: R Squared Special Reserve (14.3 1/2 HH) Chocolate
Dam: MMR's Amazing Grace (15HH) Buckskin (carries an unknown variant of a roaning gene)

This sweetie pie was imprinted at birth and very very gregarious! Shows strong gait already!  Halter trained and very EASY! LOVES people. Loads in a trailer. Picks up feet easily. Easy to catch, pretty much catches himself!

Foal health begins with our Mare... she is 100% healthy. UTD on de-worming (4 times a year) and vaccinations (every year) as well as hoof trimming. Same for the sire, this colt has passive immunity until 6 mo. We trim foals every 4 weeks to ensure proper hoof health. Dewormed every 30 days with a rotation.

The rocky breed is an easy to care for breed and very willing with beginners as long as a steady education with an experienced horse person is involved as well. I find them VERY easy to train and VERY well gaited. 

This guy could be suited for families as he is so quiet. He has a great personality to prove himself as an advanced beginner horse. Her dam is a very easy ride with gentle nature. If her sire was a gelding he would be a perfect BEGINNER horse. 

With my training, I utilize many training techniques to create a well-rounded horse. Whether you follow Pat Parelli, Ray Hunt, Nuno Oliveira, Clinton Anderson or other top trainers, we optimize the abilities of each horse to create a willing and dependable partner under saddle and a far more dependable horse on the trail!
Foals are handled with care and taught groundwork skills. he is surely set up for success down the road.

Mares and foals are fed high quality alfalfa timothy mix, then transitioned to high quality hay. Pelleted feed is supplemented during the growing process. Trace minerals are always provided free choice.

He gets along with all kinds. We have a mix of mares, geldings, pony, babies, yearlings, pregnant mares.  

You will be surprised on how rewarding owning a foal really is. Rockies are smart, willing, friendly and above all, loyal. They give you their ALL!

Consider giving this sweet little man a relationship through formative years with you, that great start will end up under saddle and you will have a mount like no other! 

The Dude Abides

Colt 2019 (AKA Dave)