Below are some photos of Dixie as a youngster in Ohio.

Dixie Dove

2016 Cremello Mare

Registered Rocky Mountain horse mare born June 2016. First saddling was Feb/March 2019. Trail riding and more education during June/July 2019. To describe Dixie in 3 words it is Forgiving, Dependable and Gentle! 

She's super personable and leads/ trailers/ties great. Long super thick mane (takes up both sides of her neck). She color tested ee aa no silver Cremello. That means for any breeding program she can 100% throw the cream gene making Palomino, buckskin, smokey black,
If the sire is a chocolate/red chocolate: chocolate creme, silver buckskin 
Or double dilutes if creme sire is used: Cremello, perlino or smokey creme.
No hidden chance for a double sliver offspring using this cute mare. 

Stunning Mare that has a gentle personality with hauling experience and trail career!
Registered RMHA
DOB 6-24-16
Color: Cremello
Sex: Female

Height: 14.3 1/2
Estimated finished height: 15- 15.1HH with a string test
Markings:  Blaze; L Hind sock; R Hind 1/2 stocking
Price: Contact us
Vet: up to date vaccinations (does well!)
Coggins: Current
Sire: Kentucky White Lightening
Dam: Dock's Shady Lady
Dixie loves to play with her "siblings" here at R2, Obi, Vega and Dave. All the young horses love to play! She is absolutely loving among them.
This sweetie pie was imprinted at birth and very very gregarious! Shows strong gait at liberty!  We started her Early in 2019. With sporatic rides to allow for growth too, she has a strong start under saddle and substantial hauling/ trail riding experience. She is brave and confident!
First things first- she is 100% healthy. UTD on de-worming (4 times a year) and vaccinations (every year) as well as hoof trimming. We trim every 4-6 weeks to ensure proper hoof health.
The rocky breed is an easy to care for breed and very willing with beginners as long as a steady education with an experienced horse person is involved as well. I find them VERY easy to train and VERY well gaited.
This girl could be suited for families as he is so quiet. She has a great personality to prove himself as an advanced beginner horse. Talk about that rare color too! She would be perfect for parades and fun family outings! What a horse to show off! Speaking of a great all around type horse, she is definitely that type. She Takes everything as an learning or bonding opportunity. Everyone loves her bright blue eyes!
She is also very thick boned and durable as far as soundness! Dixie's feet are round and hard, the perfect Rocky foot. She could mature to carry larger riders with this type of confirmation. She may not look it now, but she has 3-4 more years to fully mature physically. Her mentality though, is very ready for her "tough" saddle work!
We have recently taken Dixie to a few outings such as a horse show or large rides testing what she can do. Tons of willingness, quietness and no nonsense! 
With my training, I utilize many training techniques to create a well-rounded horse. Whether you follow Pat Parelli, Ray Hunt, Nuno Oliveira, Clinton Anderson or other top trainers, we optimize the abilities of each horse to create a willing and dependable partner under saddle and a far more dependable horse on the trail! So far there is VERY little spook in this horse! She is so in tune to learning as well!
She is fed high quality alfalfa timothy mix, then transitioned to high quality hay. Pelleted feed is supplemented during the times of exercise  Trace minerals are always provided free choice.
She gets along with all kinds. We have a mix of mares, geldings, pony, babies, yearlings, pregnant mares.  (Mainly she sticks to the bottom or middle of the pack for pecking order)
This is a one of a kind mare that has been tested and unique! Consider riding the most easily gaited horse on the market with a lovely quiet and calm disposition!

Dixie gaits and canters very well.  Side passes, turns on the fore/ hind and backs easily. Trail riding is a pleasure on this low energy horse.  No rush or fuss. She takes it all in stride. We ride her (uncommonly) in a snaffle bridle. We don't think there should be excessive shank on a young horse as it can put undue stress on the body riding them (traditionally) that way. We encourage flexibility in the spine and a mount that can perform outside the bounds of a "slab" sided horse! We encourage true collection and balance!​

Some photos on this page are by Alyssa Smolen Photography