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A finding service to procure the best of the best without learning all the lingo, lineage or knowing where the best horses come from. Avoid buyers remorse! Don't pay double! Ask me first!

We are offering our best mare for sale!  Her foals are also very special! Show, Trail, Foals!

First Chance

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a great, proven little all around mare

R Squared Special Reserve

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Our first choice prospect

A bright shining star in the making

A BIG bodied MUSTANG gelding with a heart of gold... Lineage, stature, confirmation, personality! Sturdy trail horse. He's a Grullo roan!

The wonder mustang!

Stunning six-year-old mare with unlimited potential. Sweet as pie, this girl loves people. Confidence with her first trails!

AKA Whiskey

We may know of others that are coming in for training or up for sale by other owners. Call for complete details.


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Start your own breeding farm with a proven stud

Started in chocolate! Bond with a special girl, she loves the trail riding life!

Are you looking for that gelding with flaxen mane and tail that touches the ground? Here he is! Reserve a one of a kind GELDING!



Our Premium Stallion at stud offered to a SPECIAL home.

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