Some photos on this page are by Alyssa Smolen Photography

Ryan's Top Mare of 2018!


Junebug has a special pedigree with CHOCO DOCK as her sire, he is a fantastic example of a perfect RM sire. Her dam is by Diana's Blue Star, he is famous in MN and surrounding Midwest and far Northeast. He is by TIM and a Smith's Ginger mare (two TOP names for a pedigree). On her dam's bottom side Nuncio is a TOP producing stallion with Smith's Ginger appearing on the bottom again. We absolutely love Smith's Ginger and this is surely a Spectacularly bred mare!

We chose Junebug as a lease because we know her history and have had extensive riding with her. She was under saddle with Cassie Rose for 3+ months as a 2-3 year old. She was so gentle and honest. She was sold to a beginner rider and had the best trail career for the next maturing years. She took friends out for their first rides. Toted them along safely. She could be taken out "fresh" and you just can't tell! When offered the chance to breed this mare, we said yes! 

She is expecting in June 2019 and we are thrilled! Another Cotton baby is on it's way!

RMHA Broodmare on lease