The sweetest filly with an outstanding pedigree! She is the "Nursery's choice" for total package filly!!

Bruno the grullo

A premium finding service to procure the best of the best without learning all the lingo, lineage, avoid travel fees, being overwhelmed by the steps/ shipping or knowing where the best horses come from. Avoid buyers remorse! Don't pay double! Ask me first! I don't like seeing my dedicated clients go through the heartbreak when they receive a horse that was misrepresented. I only produce a few horses a year and not enough to supply those who need them. I would be happy to help you!

You get: disposition, versatility,  brokeability, gait, rate and more!

SGF's Offensive Line

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Premium ride, premium foals!

R Squared Special Reserve

Former show gelding turning trail horse, watch our Facebook for updates! He has a metronome like gait that will go slow or fast!

Our first foal of the season is here! And he's simply the best! This foal is SUPER friendly from the get go! He is set up and well halter broke! Born to GAIT! Destined to be a great family horse!

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Keep an eye on this filly! She is super sweet and not yet on the market. We hope she will be extremely talented under harness and saddle!

A very special cross to our hearts! Stand out in a sea of chocolates and ride a gaited GRULLO! A sweet little boy to bring home! 

Whether you want to breed Rockies or ride a sweet Dun colored boy, he will make someone extremely happy!

SGF's Platinum Plus

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Our Premium Stallion at stud offered to a SPECIAL home.

He is Broke, broke, broke folks! His foals are always friendly!

We may know of others that are coming in for training or up for sale by other owners. Call for complete details.


Vincent Vega

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Dave the Dude