A premium finding service to procure the best of the best without learning all the lingo, lineage, avoid travel fees, being overwhelmed by the steps/ shipping or knowing where the best horses come from. Avoid buyers remorse! Don't pay double! Ask me first! I don't like seeing my dedicated clients go through the heartbreak when they receive a horse that was misrepresented. I only produce a few horses a year and not enough to supply those who need them. I would be happy to help you!

You get: disposition, versatility,  brokeability, gait, rate and more!

Previous R2 trained horses below

Ebony is a great mare to breed and foal out without issues. She is 100% broodmare sound and light riding suitable. 

New Breeder's Start!

Horses to be posted later this year

A Beginner's Dream...

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R Squared Collection

Sold in 2022

New Arrivals!

Horses for sale

Contact us about available foals in utero! We are expecting RMHA foals that are reservable. Do you have your own idea of what cross you desire? R2 can help you build your ideal Rocky foal! With a background in genetics and a proven herd, you will be undeniably happy with the result!

Stay Tuned HERE (bookmark this Sale page!)for mares or possible geldings to be posted over the spring and summer.

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Here is your chance to get what everyone has been looking for, chocolate that wont darken, 100% finished under saddle with countless trail miles (fancy broke) and your option to create your lifetime gelding....

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​​Our goal is to place good horses in good homes. We have a rare set of lines and we aim to promote the RMHA breed. In that light we will offer our "steady eddies" or "perfect trail horses" up for sale, however not "on sale".

Most mares/stallions are broke, broke, broke folks! Are always friendly and capable of producing for you too! In the case you cannot use a stallion, gelding isn't out of the realm of possible as we would freeze him for future generations! This is common practice with Rockies! 

We may know of others that are coming in for training or up for sale by other owners. Contact R2 for complete details.

The Perfect Gent...

Thank you to all of our buyers!


Ren -a very outgoing colt is going to be a great gelding in MN!

Do you want to know more about what it costs to buy a Rocky? Click Here!​ Because you want that FOREVER horse!

Lula girl is gregarious/trainable & super friendly! Happy local home!

Are you new to rockies? No problem! This girl takes care of our clients on the trail!