The Smoking Dun aka "Bruno"

A gorgeous chocolate filly was born by Bruno!

Bruno has settled mares in 2022! Contact us to have your mare approved!


Frozen available

Registered name: R2 The Smoking Dun (Click here to see RMHA pedigree database)

Breed: Full foundation Rocky Mountain

​Great dun factor markings on legs, stripe down back, shoulder barring and eye masking.
Color: Grullo Genetics: EE aa D/nd2- 1 copy of Dun and one copy of nd2. Horse will have Dun dilution and express primitive markings. Horse can pass on Dun dilution with primitive marking 50% of the time.
Sex: Male

DOB:  5-29-19
Height: 14.3- 15- HH  (he's still growing!)
Markings: Star strip snip; Hind R pastern

Vet: Vet checks at buyers expense

Location: Wisconsin

Sire: Beamer's Clipart (15 HH) 
Dam: Silver Sage (15 HH)

Bruno's Dam is a well known and proven Lesson horse that is a joy as a husband horse as well! She competes in whatever arena we use her in and absolutely love her! 

Bruno's Sire is known for his gentleness and ease keeping as a stallion. His owner comments that she simply cannot find another one quite like him. 

Bruno has had 5 or so rides in the fall of 2021, he is so easy to handle! Under saddle has an idea he is a stallion & does not test boundaries etc.. Starting up right away in 2022, Bruno has been out on the trails! He has a solid, non-spooky mind! His gaits are smooth and coming along with strength and maturity. He has gone camping and trail riding with a large group - what an ideal horse... I mean STUD!

With my training, I utilize many training techniques to create a well-rounded horse. Whether you follow Pat Parelli, Ray Hunt, Nuno Oliveira, Clinton Anderson or other top trainers, we optimize the abilities of each horse to create a willing and dependable partner under saddle and a far more dependable horse on the trail!
Foals are handled with care and taught groundwork skills. he is surely set up for success down the road. 2 year olds are started with desensitization and at 3 they are stared officially under saddle.

Mares and foals are fed high quality alfalfa timothy mix, then transitioned to high quality hay. Pelleted feed is supplemented during the growing process. Trace minerals are always provided free choice. Colts are supplemented as needed for skeletal growth.

He gets along with all kinds. We have a mix of mares, geldings, pony, babies, yearlings, pregnant mares.  He (somewhat) knows a mare in heat when he sees one so we are careful not to put cycling mares in with him.

Rockies are smart, willing, friendly and above all, loyal. They give you their ALL!

If you are considering purchasing this fantastic young horse, contact us about our gelding process to turn him into your dream mount!

R2 Presents

An Example of the get you may get from Bruno!

This is his Brother's Son

You can see the quality in his foal pictures as an example of his first foal crop's quality!

Bruno's Sire - Beamer's Clip Art - RIP

"CA" as he was affectionately known by his owner, had a great, long life as a gentle stallion at Beam's Ridge Ranch. He is sadly no longer with us but we hope to promote this gentle line through Bruno!

As Bruno is being prepared for his finishing under saddle work, enjoy Vega, Bruno's  full brother at the completion of his training.

(Sire of the above aforementioned foal.)