Genetics: Ee Ch/n aa n/Z

​Nero carries a black, red, champagne and silver gene. His combinations for breeding will be endless. Not only will he be a producer of finely gaited, friendly and balanced foals but will also have the possibility for color. 

Nero is the last foal from Begley's Candy Girl (daughter of SONNY)- a rare carrier of Champagne from the  Wayne's Dixie line of Champagnes within the RMHA. We believe this to be a strong and correct mountain type horse. We love riding Candy's gait! She can range from very fast (18mph) or slower gaits (5-10 MPH). It is not known if she will carry another foal for us. We believe in this horse so much that we believe in spending these values to potential breeders--  if you wanted to add this supreme, rare gem of a horse to your breeding program or a great riding gelding with a soft feel- $20K (his training/ gelding etc). He is ONE OF A KIND! For those looking for a STAND OUT male riding prospect or future breeding stallion, he has EVERYTHING.

Rocky Mountain Stud at R2 Ranch

Begley's Candy Girl X Buddy's Mountain Major

DOB: 5/6/16

RMHA Registered And Certified

Height: 14.3HH (in 2021) 14.3-15HH projected

​Gender: Stallion

Disposition: Excellent 

​Trailers: Yes

Proudly Wisconsin born and bred!

We are excited to announce a classic silver champagne stud colt to our farm. Stay tuned for updates on his formative years. (Started under saddle 2019)

"Nero" as we call him is a excellent example of what our breeding goals are. He is almost perfectly balanced with a intuitive gait. His personality is calm, cool and gregarious. The special icing on the cake is that his color is very rare. 

Some photos on this page are by Alyssa Smolen Photography

Eureka Foals:

This colt is owned by Rock River Rockies and is currently for sale!

AKA NERO-- The protégé

Begley's Candy Girl

Here is Nero's dam. She is well gaited and personable. "Candy" was born and raised in Kentucky.  Candy is energetic and so fun to ride! I can't think of  a better mare to produce a stud colt for us!

Video 1

Video 2

Buddy's Mountain Major

Here is Nero's Sire. A well known stallion for his temperament and gait at The Liberty farm in Mt. Horeb, WI. He is very prolific and has offspring all over the country. This stallion has been known to ride well at Expos and is extremely gentle! That is why we chose him to cross to one of the best mares around! Pictured here in his 20's, he still shows those new to the breed all about the RMHA gait!

Video 1

Click photo for more on McCoy

Yearling - "River"

Always a sturdy foal with tons of personality!

Introductory Stud fee: $1000 plus mare care

Approved mares only- Proven to be very fertile - Catching his mares on the first cycle.

R2 Eureka Eldorado