VERY well gaited horse. wants to constantly gait under saddle.

In the video above she leads, ground ties, picks up feet, works the tarp, walks the tarp (as it blows in the wind!)

In the video above, Starlett walks over the tarp as it blows in the wind and across the arena. She is not fearful of this object, as u can see she coordinates herself over the tarp without fear. (3 weeks ground work training, 2 weeks under saddle work at the time of the video).

She is amazingly well gaited and with the very few rides she has done, she doesn't break gait often. Soon she will hold it very consistently without trouble. Amazing long and low head carriage on this mare too! 

CRR's Starlett


Registered with these Registries:  RMHA
Color:  Chocolate/ Silver Black
Age: 4  5/25/2014

Gender: mare
Height: 14.2 HH ++

Price: Sale pending

Farrier: great (no shoes) 
Vet: great (5way/rabies)
Coggins: current 
Trailers: yes (self loads) slant or straight load 
Location: St. Croix falls, WI 

Vet checks at buyers expense.

Mcguire's Levi is her sire, the Mcguire family takes great pride in their horses and their stallion since surely to be an outstanding filly. Rebel Ridge Star (super famous from the Rebel Ridge Farm) on bottom makes her an excellent find. Mcguire horses are highly sought after. This mare will pass on the best genes and color, as she will cross well to any stallion. Genetics: EE (won't make a sorrel) nZ single silver(which when/if bred, she will pass on silver 50% of the time) no chance of MCOA/ASD. 

Starlett saddles and tacks nicely, loads in the trailer and perfects her ground skills. Under saddle she walk, gaits, canters. We are perfecting her skills. I can see gait & trot while she moves in the pasture. She has a nice smooth, showy movement, should be easy on the rider out on trails.

 She accepts a bit well. On the ground she will short lunge, move her rear quarters, pivot with the fore quarters, bend left and right with her head and lower that head to accept a bridle. She picks her feet up willingly. 

She is 100% healthy. UTD on de-worming (4 times a year) and vaccinations (every year) as well as hoof trimming. Speaking of feet, her feet are very hard and tough. Starlett is easy to trim for the farrier. She goes barefoot and we start them that way. Shoes are not needed with this filly as her hooves have great balance and a nice "cup". She does not have bad habits otherwise. She ties very quiet. and does not pull.
I would recommend this mare for a knowledgeable Horse person but also suited for families as she stands so quietly (stands tied, grooms, saddles and trims super!). She has a great personality to prove herself as an advanced beginner horse with time under saddle as she is very respectful of people. Respectful on the ground to pressure and is curious to learn new things. 

About my training:

With my training, I utilize many training techniques to create a well-rounded horse. Whether you follow Pat Parelli, Ray Hunt, Nuno Oliveira, Clinton Anderson or other top trainers, we optimize the abilities of each horse to create a willing and dependable partner under saddle and a far more dependable horse on the trail!

She is pasture managed (rotational grazing). I believe in a strong quality forage feeding program where most nutrients are provided through hay. I feed a slight alfalfa mix with a mix of prairie grasses.  Quality minerals are supplemented to fill in the gaps, different trace and white mineral blocks are provided free choice. When under extensive training, all horses are fed PREMIUM Purina products to ensure a shiny coat and adequate flesh as well as a good energy level. I will also utilize quality natural forages such as whole oats and beet pulp depending on the individual. Star receives high quality forage and pasture grazing during summer months. Daily she will receive a grain mix with her herd mates and share nicely.

She gets along with all kinds. We have a mix of mares, geldings, pony, babies, yearlings, pregnant mares. As far as status she is more or less at the bottom of the pack.  Mostly she is friendly/inquisitive to others AND befriends them. This is unheard of for a mare in other breeds. She does not seem to be mareish through her cycles as she shows little difference when we work together. Welcome this mare to your mixed herd, she seems to be very kind!
 Folks familiar with other breeds may think they want to avoid mares altogether. That is not the case with Rockies! So many people tell me they never would have thought the relationship with their mare would be as rewarding as it is. They are smart, willing, friendly and above all, loyal. Mares may have their opinions but as long as you are fair to them, they give you their ALL!

Consider adding Starlett as your next trail partner and experience a fantastic rocky gait, she is ready to start building that relationship under saddle with that Intermediate rider/horse person.