MAG was sold in 2021 and is overseas! Great thanks to Cornmill Stud -Rocky Mountain Horses! Cornmill sees the supreme genetic value in this mare much like we do! We are proud to continue our responsibility to support the breed worldwide! 

Registered and Certified with the RMHA
Color: Buckskin
DOB:  (6-27-2006)
Height: 15HH and as thick bodied as a Rocky can be! Medium length mane and tail that is easy to manage! She has very large hooves and they are very hard!
Genetics: Ee Cr/n  Aa,  no silver. Black points that don't fade!

​Farrier: Great (no shoes needed) 
Vet: Great (5way/ rabies, Deworming on rotation)
Trailers: Yes (self loads) slant or straight load 
Location: St. Croix falls, Wisconsin

Training: Started in Montana with natural horsemanship after being raised free on MMR's 600 acre ranch, refreshed on trails and foundation techniques, Expos.

Personality: Friendly but not necessarily in your pocket, loves to be groomed, loves treats. She has a desire to work with you and does like to be handled daily as opposed to sitting in the pasture! Mag likes to protect her foals and herd by listening to her surroundings- she always sees whats coming FIRST.

Perfect combination of old time lines, color genetics, conformation and experience!

Stunning, big and powerful mare by Jake's Black Shadow out of Yankee's Betsy. She rides solid! Great gait that is sooo SMOOTH! This girl has substantial size at 15HH and GIANT stature. Her foals are going to be something else! 

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"Montana Horse" (aka MAG) is easily one of our best mares. She is our Expo horse that we haul across the country (2019 debut). She rides in arenas and stays in the stall during our stay very quietly. "MAG" has the best gait. It is always 4beat and square (it's automatic). She steps up into the next speed from walk and literally zero step into trot (I only see trot in the pasture, never a pace). Very easy to balance out into a perfect square gait. Her gait can be rather slow to fast but once learned it could be handled by the advanced beginner/ intermediate rider. She canters off easily as well- she can get a little fast!. Her other set of skills include a turn on the hind and fore, side pass, back, rounding the ribcage and canter departures. She is a confident and fearless gal the trail! So sturdy and sure footed since she was raised for many years in the mountains of Montana!

She is an easy breeder. Rockies typically are! She was very sweet with her first foal, She basically waited for me to return in the evening to foal so I could help!

She loves to stand for grooming/ saddling. She is naturally laid back. She is very capable of carrying a large adult with the diameter of her cannons and large bone.  She's proven herself to be quiet under saddle and on the trail alone or in a group. This mare is adorable with NO white and a kind eye.   She is quite the attractive mare! Her mane and tail are long and jet black! Soft! And easy to manage as it hardly ever knots! She has the creamiest and richest buckskin coat I've ever had on the farm. It is always very dappled.

She is 100% healthy. UTD on de-worming (4 times a year) and vaccinations (every year) as well as hoof trimming. Speaking of feet, MAG's feet are very hard and tough (very typical for Rockies). She goes barefoot on our rides and has never needed a shoe. She does not have bad habits. She always stands to be tied and trimmed. Easy to vaccinate/deworm. MAG has never foundered. She loads effortlessly in a trailer on her own, just point and go. (most of our horses do)
I would recommend this mare for a knowledgeable/ Confident rider but also suited for families as she stands so quietly. She is lower energy but needs someone sure of themselves with horses, she is also very, very smart. She is not a problem when ridden by my husband who isn't as particular with his aids. She may outsmart a first time rider, however.

Do you think she is too old for your family? Reconsider this: need a horse that will be your partner for 20 more years? She is still your gal! Did you know Mountain horses typically have a greater longevity than other breeds? YES! they often have a riding career far past their 30's. In that sense, age is no limitation. 

We will continue to ride and promote the breed with our beloved mare. She is one of a kind. 

Consider this: If purchased you are guaranteed a return on your investment with her foals! Consider that this is a TOP bred and trained mare. On the market today, there are virtually zero fully trained, experienced trail horses with much, much more hauling experience as this mare in the western horsemanship venue. She is predictable and dependable. Her lineage is legendary. Most of her siblings and half siblings are dying out. She could quite possibly be the youngest and last of her foundation lines. 

About my training:

 I utilize many training techniques to create a well-rounded horse. Whether you follow Pat Parelli, Ray Hunt, Nuno Oliveira, Clinton Anderson or other top trainers, we optimize the abilities of each horse to create a willing and dependable partner under saddle and a far more dependable horse on the trail!

MAG is a super easy keeper. She is pasture managed (rotational grazing). I believe in a strong quality forage feeding program where most nutrients are provided through hay. I feed a slight alfalfa mix with a mix of prairie grasses. As a quality supplement to fill in the gaps, different trace and white mineral blocks are provided free choice. When under extensive training, all horses are fed PREMIUM Purina products to ensure a shiny coat and adequate flesh as well as a good energy level. I will also utilize quality natural forages such as whole oats and beet pulp depending on the individual. She receives high quality forage and pasture grazing during summer months. Daily she will receive a oat mix with her herd mates. Always in her third trimester we feed high-quality pelleted mare and foal products.

She gets along with all kinds. We have a mix of mares, geldings, pony, babies, yearlings, pregnant mares. As far as status she is a Middle status mare. She likes to maintain status - but may just lay low. Otherwise she sticks to her business.

This mare is the complete opposite of anything you would describe mareish! I ride her through her cycles and barely notice. Folks familiar with other breeds may think they want to avoid mares altogether. That is not the case with Rockies! So many people tell me they never would have thought the relationship with their mare would be as rewarding as it is. They are smart, willing, friendly and above all, LOYAL. Mares may have their opinions but as long as you are fair to them, they give you their ALL!

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