Creme Dilution

From top/left to bottom/right: Buckskin with silver, Buckskin no silver;

Palomino without silver, Cremello (double creme), 

Chocolate or Silver Black

Many shades of mousey or rich coffee brown with varying flaxen.

first photo shows single silver, 2nd shows double silver genes

Silver dapple with creme gene- chocolate appears lighter

Silver Bay /Red chocolate compared to Bay

Red body like a bay horse but flax mane and chocolate legs.


If you see a grey at birth you can usually determine if it carries silver since they are born solid colored


Black does not show any modifiers, a foal is typically lighter grey at birth then darkens 

Dun Dilution- Grulla

This gene changes black to mousey grey with black points and primitive stripes

Rocky Coat Colors

They come in all shades and solid variations 


Can mask a silver gene! Both of these sorrels carry the silver gene, 1st: single silver 2nd: double silver

Roan Dilution on a Chocolate base

On any roan diluted horse, you can see roaning over the entire body except the face and legs usually.

Champagne dilutions

From top to bottom: Gold Champagne without silver, Amber Champagne with silver, Classic champagne with silver. 

And Silver Grulla

Grulla with a silver that "chocolifies" the black points.