Obi will NOT be bred back for a 2024 foal;

Foxy will likely be bred back for a 2024 foal!

The Ringer is our 2023 surprise breeding

* ​A special & rare foal *

Planning for 2024 Foals

Contact us if you wish to set up a specific in utero pairing!

Now is the time.

Breeding has started for 2024 foals!

Our mares we plan to breed:

Reserve a Rainy Day CONFIRMED PREGNANT (6000)

​A "Ringer" mare has been chosen (Our lottery discount foal!)- CONFIRMED PREGNANT (4500)

Velva Jean (yet to be confirmed)

I'm a Foxy Lady

Kentucky Moon Prancer

EWF MIRANDA (for in-utero reservation only) Reserve at a discount! (3500)

Stallions we plan on using: 

A Newcomer: MJS Beau

R2 The Smoking Dun

R2 Ninth Reserve

R2 The Real Mccoy

(restrictions may apply)

Bruno & Elizabeth's first foal- a filly- has arrived!

Oblivion & Foxy are closing in on the delivery day! They are in their last trimester; the foal is the size of a large dog and starting to mature!

Foals are expected June/July

Sage & (Ringer) are due in September! They have surpassed their 6th month and receiving their appropriate Pneumabort vaccine. Their foal is the size of a cat!

Let us help you stay informed about genetics!

2023 Outside Owner Foals 

2023 Pregnancies!

Contact us for current prices in-utero

Cotton had some late season breedings

Reservations welcome!