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All owners of a R2 trained or bred horse see for themselves!  Is it time to experience the better side of gaited ?

"Today I trailered out to meet friends. So Jewel was on her own. Different horses again today. The end of the ride, we were going up a fairly steep slope. We couldn’t go up centre as it was pure ice. Anyhow the horse in front started to slide and she pivoted slightly towards Jewel, which Jewel had to move out of the way to the left or get pushed down the hill. She was on the sheet of ice now. Lost her grip, front legs buckled under her, back legs also, so she was on her bum and front knees. I couldn’t bale as I’d loose my footing and be under her. Saddle started sliding back so I grabbed her mane, stayed balanced as we slide backwards down about 10 feet. When she stopped sliding she picked me and her up unscathed. I let the other horse go up, she had boots on which wasn’t to her vantage. She scrambled up the hill. Once she was to the top safely. Jewel and I did another stab at it, with little scrambling we successfully made it up. She never once panicked or refused. The first go was my error in following the other horse to soon. She has no cuts etc. But man are we a team now. The little horse with heart. [💞] Thank you for her." - deb

"Today was the first day I rode her outside the arena to see the sights. I love her confident nature. And can't wait to go again. ...... Bailey is probably the nicest horse temperament wise I can't imagine her disappointing me." - Jackie

​* "Settling in nicely! He's so well mannered" (Kal the colt's owner)

* "I think you have a wonderful breeding and training program going on. They were so easy to handle and didn’t seem to be phased at all by walking into strange places with barking dogs around " (Topanga and Dunny's owner)

 "Cassie is an excellent trainer/teacher. She did a great job of training my horse Orion. I constantly get comments on how well she trained my horse, Orion. Cassie also did an outstanding job in improving my horsemanship skills. I'm sure she thought the latter was more difficult You won't find anyone better."


"Can't say enough about Cassie, she does an amazing job. She's an excellent trainer and teacher. She trained my Rocky (Skywalker) and I also took lessons from her, it was a very wonderful experience for me. If I lived closer I would love to take some more. I learned a lot!!! Thanks Cassie"


"Cassie does a great job with any horse (breed).... Please check out her page and contact her to book your horse for training soon!"


" She put such a great soft feel on him and helped me start learn how to understand, recognize and encourage him to energize from the hinder. I would hire Cassie again any day."


"Cassie is an amazing trainer. I highly recommend her. I am very happy with the training Cassie did with my rocky mare."

 (at a horse show) "Everyone and judge was impressed for her age. Judge wanted to take her home….. So proud of her."


  "We’re getting to know each other and he’s so trusting!  Love that!
…  He’s a gem!"
 -Bonnie and Trace-


       Regarding so many positives in horse and rider: "...finally seeing a smile on (my daughter's ) face and to recognize the boost in her confidence level...and another...discovering that horses and humans truly can become one in the saddle. We both experienced the feeling of overwhelming joy, to the point of tears, a few different times and this is when I knew that you had fulfilled my expectations.  I wanted to commend you on your communication skills, really bringing the language down to (my daughter's) level, and mine, seem to have polished these skills…Overall Cassie, we feel you're doing a really great job! Thank you."

"I just wanted to let you know that Willie is doing great!
Thanks for putting a great start on him"


     "We spent many happy hours together this summer, exploring many trails and parks around the state as well as the neighborhood.    She’s a joy to ride, never refuses a challenge, and continues to impress us all with her great heart and her I’ll-never-quit attitude."   



      "I can only say that I have totally fallen in love with our Rocky.  She is just such a lovely horse to have around.  I just really love the breed.  Love their personality and love how they just love being around people.
Thanks so much for all your time and patience.  I learned so much while I was down there and am now enjoying the time I have with Okie.  It has been a great match."