A refined and beautiful look! Gorgeous faces & strong gaits on all "Cotton's" foals! Flashy and friendly, his get will stand out and are extremely intelligent!

Stallions of merit in our program:

Stallions we continually use in our program but do not stand to the public

R2 The Real McCoy

R2 Eureka Eldorado

A dark and Stormy bro with a body! An easy to get along with stud that is pleasant on the eyes with large framed stature!

​"Bruno" will be standing to select mares at this time

Our studs are HAND SELECTED for premium qualities that pair great with any mare. R2 believes in the best of the best and strive to stand out above the rest. R2 strictly analyzes broodstock for superior conformation/balance/function first and foremost with MIND, GAIT/PERFORMANCE, PEDIGREE and lastly BEAUTY to ensure there will be superior value put into your next foal. 

R2 The Smoking Dun

​A colt as golden & beautiful as the setting sun!

Our own son of Eureka Eldorado X Yankee/Tim mare.! McCoy is suspected to reach 15.1HH+ at maturity! A gentle ranch working type rocky with ultimately natural, flat-kneed gaits! 

Silver Buckskin will offer unique genetics to be passed in 2023!

Owned by Full Moon Farm/ Standing at R Squared Ranch

Bookings are required by January

​$400 booking fee

Contact us for the ability to AI!

Our Artificial Insemination clinic has shipping options WORLDwide!

R2 Ninth Reserve

​He has built his own legacy for over two decades!

This stud has many generations of offspring that speak for themselves! He has great bone, gait and ideal conformation with gentle Rocky nature. 


Keystone Stallions 

R2 Presents

R Squared Special Reserve

Our Golden Boy

His foals have a heart of gold! They are always honest horses with a high level of trainability and tons of gait. This boy is built like a tank and his offspring are too!

Super fertile stallion with a country trail (SMOOTH) gait!

*Please inquire about FROZEN Collections*

Stunning Black colt with a pedigree to dream of! "Mortimer" has great conformation and perfect square gait!

Our 2020 non-silver Cotton son! Ready for breeding in 2023

*Co-owned with Quiet Medows!*

Toco's Legacy Man