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Lessons and Clinics​

Do you want a connection like this?

Or like this?

Or like this?

Horses at R2 are in either private or semi private paddocks. We test our hay in order to know exactly what we are feeding. 

Boarding and Training packages and discounts by contacting R Squared Ranch before January of that year

All inclusive training by appointment only (non-discount)

4+ month required for the total training package!

(hay, fly spray inc.)

Other necessary supplies are to be supplied by our boarders and clients.


Training and Clinics

​​​Experience....       Feel....       Timing....


  • Gait without devices
  • Lightness vs. Softness
  • Facilitate relaxation, create flexibility and balance
  • Find the holes or problems and work from the ground to saddle
  • Engage and improve gait without resistance
  • Develop the rider awareness
  • Balance, Collection, Feel, Biomechanics


Other group clinics available upon request and interest

  • Understanding Behavior - Reading/interpreting behavior; how do they think?
  • Ground Control -Where communication, understanding and success begins! Acceptance of objects such as clippers, trailers and anything else! Weanlings and yearlings start early.
  • Gaited horses that don’t gait–How do we problem solve gait?
  • Advanced rider -Things you’ve always wanted to learn! From jumping to reining, lets get you to the arena you want to be in.
  • Dressage – Natural and simple dressage techniques that make sense.
  • Open Lesson day- No agenda. Whatever you want will be covered; on the ground or in the saddle. Limit 8 riders. Any breed or discipline is accepted. 

At R Squared, it is our mission to produce sound, quiet, quality riding horses with great minds for riders of any discipline. The quality of the education is key!

Everyone deserves to have a respectful, safe horse that is relaxed, happy to work for you. The education of the rider is equally important as the training of the horse. Learn how to effectively use your body when communicating with your horse.

Our gaited horses are taught to gait naturally without artificial aids such as large shank bits, tiedowns, chains, or modified hooves.  The horse learns how to effectively carry a rider while in gait. The rider learns how to sit and troubleshoot to maintain the gait.

Muscle memory is important

Meet the horse where it's at.  

Training involves trying to figure out where their minds are and work from there. Don’t expect that they are going to figure out where our mind is, the majority of the problems come from under educated horses and riders alike. 

The way to a horse's mind is through his feet.  

If a horse is troubled get their feet working - from the backend.  Watch the mares work a herd - the one moving the herd's feet is the one in charge.

    Communicate through feel, not conditioned cues. Become intuitive and evolve your skills.

Relaxed, supple, straight, forward - This mantra is especially important with gaited horses. Of course, the quality of a gait is just as important with trotting horses but many people don't notice when a trotting horse is stiff.  You will notice a stiff gaited horse that is trotting or pacing - ouch! Rockies’ signature gait is the saddle rack which requires a lot of energy to execute. But energized doesn't mean reactive, stiff and crooked. Let's work together to bring balance to function!