I'm A Foxy Lady x R2 The Smoking Dun

Bay Colt (E_Aa no silver)

DOB 6/7/2024


First Foals have arrived!

A premium finding service to procure the best of the best without learning all the lingo, lineage, avoid travel fees, being overwhelmed by the steps/ shipping or knowing where the best horses come from. Avoid buyers remorse! Don't pay double! Ask me first! I don't like seeing my dedicated clients go through the heartbreak when they receive a horse that was misrepresented. I only produce a few horses a year and not enough to supply those who need them. I would be happy to help you!

You get: disposition, versatility,  brokeability, gait, rate and more!

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*Please contact us or 2024 foal reservations! Reserve in utero at a 25% discount..
* 2020 Started RMHA Black Colt is available ( well started with his horsemanship journey)

* 2023 RMHA Stud colt in a RARE Silver bay dun color.  

* We strive to offer the best under saddle Rockies at a wide variety of price points. Check back again for something that may suit you! All Horses could potentially be available on our farm. We have them priced accordingly for private negotiations. These are the best broodmares, yearlings, open mares you are going to find worldwide. Feel free to browse our MARE/STABLE pages to assess if these horses are for you!

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R2 Estranged

R Squared Collection

This mare will be offered to a new home after solid training over the next few weeks. 

She's a well bred/premium 4 year old Red mare!


horsemanship foundation; true gentleness!

Real horsemanship feel and all the bells & whistles 

8500 (subject to change with experience)

He is a high quality GORGEOUS 7 year old Red Chocolate gelding!


TONS OF REAL TRAIL EXPERIENCE; hundreds of miles under his belt.

Real horsemanship feel and all the bells & whistles for technique and safety

(Private Treaty until our auction posting is complete)

Horses for sale

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Contact us about available foals in utero! We are expecting RMHA foals that are reservable. Do you have your own idea of what cross you desire? R2 can help you build your ideal Rocky foal! With a background in genetics and a proven herd, you will be undeniably happy with the result!

Stay Tuned HERE (bookmark this Sale page!)for mares or possible geldings to be posted in the future.

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Top quality Horses Sold in 2024

Dj's Cinco

​​Our goal is to place good horses in good homes. We have a rare set of lines and we aim to promote the RMHA breed. In that light we will offer our "steady eddies" or "perfect trail horses" up for sale, however not "on sale".

Most mares/stallions are broke, broke, broke folks! Are always friendly and capable of producing for you too! In the case you cannot use a stallion, gelding isn't out of the realm of possible as we would freeze him for future generations! This is common practice for our farm! 

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Thank you to all of our buyers!

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Do you want to know more about what it costs to buy a Rocky? Click Here!​ Because you want that FOREVER horse!

We offer our Legacy Rocky Mountain Horses for sale which are world renoun. 
Our Legacy Rocky Mountains are some of the most competitive and well-trained Rockies in the world
Each Legacy Rocky is hand-selected for the breeding, conformation, and abilities; raised right here on our ranch; and trained with our methods from birth.

Reserve a Rainy Day x MJS Rain's Beau Blue

Bay Roan Filly (EeAaRn/n no silver)

DOB 3/30/2024

Mission: Spread the Rocky Word!

​​Our goal is to place good horses in good homes. If you have a rocky and you are not putting the time into him like you have hopped... it may be time to see another person enjoy him. Provide him the chance to BE the BEST horse he can be! We don't consign horses but do offer a training and marketing program to help those looking to rehome their friends. R2 only charges by the hour for what it typically takes to condition and market fine Rocky Mountain Horses on average. We don't take a percentage off the top. Typically it is 1-2 months (3+ months for colts) of riding and marketing to take a pasture pet and build them up into a usable, well gaited and loyal friend for those looking for an experienced Rocky Mountain horse. 

Isle of champions: Highest quality horses SOLD as top Dream Horses