Obi is so sweet, gentle & a joker! Obi has the thickest mane! She is a Amber Champagne with the silver gene. Obi is 15.3+HH! By JEDI (Stefanic's DOCK/ Barlow Chief/ Johnson Toby) out of BVF's Champagne Deja Vu (a rare SAM/MIKE horse!) Her gaits are OUT OF THIS WORLD! If she lived in Kentucky, we could see her as a show horse!

SB Pretty Lady

R2 Listen to the Windblow

A Mare by our keystone stud, Toco's Legacy Man and Rondezvous Magic, a Dock mare.

​We are learning what Lady can do!

Silver Sage

2014 RMHA daughter of the legendary Smith's Misty Rose, by our resident stallion, Special Reserve! Rainy has the fanciest trail gait.
She is genetically tested as a Silver Sorrel; a TIM/Squirrel cross. Born and bred in Wisconsin.

​Rainy is (my) personal favorite mare! 

Future Expected Foals!

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Bay babes are in high demand!

She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes (yee-haw)
She'll be coming 'round the mountain
She'll be gaitin 'round the mountain
She'll be gaitin 'round the mountain when she comes

Miss Foxy is a gaiting machine with a slow type gait and mild & sweet personality. Dock's Apache Gold X A Dock/Tim mare.... bred by Anna Townsend (she breeds the finest of rockies!)

Our mares are HAND SELECTED for premium qualities that pair great with any of our studs. R2 believes in the best of the best and strive to stand out above the rest. R2 strictly analyzes broodstock for superior conformation/balance/function first and foremost with MIND, GAIT/PERFORMANCE, PEDIGREE and lastly BEAUTY to ensure there will be superior value put into your next foal. 

​Some are offered for sale! R2 has spent over a decade and a half searching for the right assortment of qualities we believe NEED be passed on to continue this great breed...

I'm A Foxy Lady

A mare that has been very quickly claimed by my young son. Very Kind and safe type of horse that shares quality trail miles with the family. Very daisy clipper and gentle gait!

By a Go-boy stud out of a Nuncio mare

Our young stock:

Upcoming Filly! 

By a ChocoDock/Squirrel stud out of a Sam/ Reb Big Shot mare

She is from a long lived line of Davis's horses... this family was one of the largest farms in the breed!

Kentucky Moon Prancer

Upcoming Filly! 

By Toco's Legacy Man!

2011 Silver Grulla Rocky mare;  Born and bred in MN.

Sage is an own daughter of Spanish Sundown (one of the most BEAUTIFUL and balanced), out of a Nick/Magnum mare who is one of the finest mares to grace the Midwest, HEARTBREAKER. She is extremely well marked with dun factor on the legs and shoulders. Sage is beginner friendly, well gaited, and the most COLORFUL (personality wise!)

R2 Oblivion 

To be announced!

Dirty Little Secret

First Chance

Our lesson/therapy/trail horse

Chance is here opting in for all R2 activities! We are loving using this gal for mini lessons!

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