*2023 Palomino RMHA mare

*14.3 +HH (Projected)

*Super gentle and sweet

Broodmare prospect for 2026

Silver Sage

*Bred by Eagles Bend Ranch; Owned by  R2!

*2022 Black RMHA mare

*14.3 +HH (Projected)

*Super gentle and sweet

*By our Legacy stallion: Toco's Legacy man

Broodmare prospect for 2025

Comet's Bleeding Heart

*Bred by Hart's Mountain Horses; Owned by  R2!

2014 Silver Sorrel RMHA by Special Reserve 


*Fanciest trail gait

*Tim/Squirrel cross

*One of our lesson/trail/beginner horses

*2010 Silver Bay RMHA mare  


*Anyone can gait; Fast and fun with a medium gait

*Supreme intelligence and surefooted

*Dock's Apache Gold X  Dock/Tim mare

Our mares are HAND SELECTED for premium qualities that pair great with any of our studs. R2 believes in the best of the best and strive to stand out above the rest. R2 strictly analyzes broodstock for superior conformation/balance/function first and foremost with MIND, GAIT/PERFORMANCE, PEDIGREE and lastly BEAUTY to ensure there will be superior value put into your next foal. 

​Some are offered for sale! R2 has spent over a decade and a half searching for the right assortment of qualities we believe NEED be passed on to continue this great breed...

I'm A Foxy Lady

*Bred by Anna Townsend; Owned by  R2!

*2008 sweet little gray mare at 14.3hh

*By the prolific Pence's Blue boy and foaled by Anna Townsend  (she had the finest KY Rockies!)

​*Beyond natural gait that is showy!

2011 Silver Grulla RMHA mare


​*Easy gaits; Fun personality; Superior intelligence - Easily our most talented mare

*Spanish Sundown X Nick/Magnum  

*Advanced beginner friendly/Super athlete/ Fancy broke

JJ's Dirty Little Secret

*Bred by Jasmine Zimmerman; Owned by  R2!

Vineyardhill's Spanish Honey

*Bred by Vineyard Hills Farm; Owned by  R2!

*2022 Palomino Roan RMHA mare

*15.2 HH+ (Projected)

*Super gentle and sweet

Broodmare prospect for 2025

Mares of Merit

Bella Blue 

*Bred by Anna Townsend; Owned by R2!

Reserve A Rainy Day

*Bred by R2!

R2 Mares