R2 Oblivion 

2017 Rocky Mountain Filly

​A very special young mare. Imported from Canada at Bonnie view Farm. She exhibits everything we want to see as far as confirmation, personality, lineage and then color. She is so sweet and gentle. Obi has the thickest mane! She is a Amber Champagne with the silver gene & 15.3HH finishing height projected! By JEDI (Stefanic's DOCK/ Barlow Chief/ Johnson Toby) out of BVF's Champagne Deja Vu (a rare SAM/MIKE horse!)

A new mare from KY! Looks like Topanga will be staying for a complete reproductive evaluation prior to breeding. She is 15 years old and has a very special, gentle personality. She is a honey!

R2 Mares

Quality mares selected for their confirmation, gait, pedigree and temperament, Some are offered for sale!

A newly Certified mare from  KY! 

Chancy is 14.2HH with a SWEET personality, striking confirmation, intuitive gait and wonderful pedigree! By OWEN"S CHOCTAW(Sewell's Sam grandson); Out of Chance's Cricket (Chocolate Venture horse). She has the rarest pedigree!


2021 Breedings!

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JTS Poetry In Motion​

2003 Rocky mare; aka Ebony, 14.2HH

By J. Toby's Shadow (a son of Magnum/Johnson's Toby Mare) out of Reb's Colorado Sunshine (Reb's Big Shot) from Colorado. Tested EE without silver or red genes. She has the best foals!​ Ebony is the smartest mare!

First Chance

Reserve A Rainy Day


2014 RMHA daughter of the legendary Smith's Misty Rose, by our resident stallion, Special Reserve! Rainy has the fanciest gait.

She is genetically tested as a Silver Sorrel & 14.3HH; a TIM/Squirrel cross. Born and bred in WI.

Red Hot Chili Pepper


"Fergie" is a sweet MN bred mare that is in the works for a Rocky foal!

Well built, well bred and silver negative mare. Very rarely do you see a red horse with so much to offer!

MMR's Amazing Grace

2005 Rocky Mare from Montana has the most gentle eye! 15HH and one of our tallest most built mares! 

​MAG is Yankee bred top and bottom. She is a rich Buckskin, negative for silver. Also seems to exhibit a rare and atypical roaning gene. She is the best mother!

Silver Sage

2011 Silver Grulla Rocky mare; 14.3HH,  Born and bred in MN.

Sage is an own daughter of Spanish Sundown (one of the most BEAUTIFUL and balanced), out of a Nick/Magnum mare who is one of the finest mares to grace the Midwest. She is extremely well marked with dun factor on the legs and shoulders. Sage is beginner friendly, well gaited, and the most COLORFUL (personality wise!)