1. What can I expect from R2 Horsemanship’s horse training program?

When you send your horse for training at R2 Horsemanship you are guaranteed a hard-working team around your horse. Cassie Rose and the team at the ranch will make sure that your horse gets the best possible care and treatment. You can expect honesty about your horse’s progress in the training, no matter if it is good or bad news. We are not in the business of trying to keep horses in training for as long as we can or glorifying your horse’s abilities into something they’re not. We want to be honest with you so that you can enjoy your equine partner as soon as possible!

2. Who manages the horse training at R2 Horsemanship?

As the head trainer, Cassie Rose will be responsible for the training of your horse throughout the whole period. Cass will set up a program for your horse and follow up regularly to make sure your horse makes the progress needed to achieve your equine goals. Your horse will be ridden and worked by other members of the team such as hired trainers and students to make your horse as forgiving as possible and used to change of hands. All training, when Cass is not the one on your horse for a training session, is following our R2 Horsemanship methods and is supervised by Cassie Rose to ensure top quality.

3. Who will take care of my horse during its training?

Your horse will get the best possible care at R2 Horsemanship. We have a full-time nutritionist on staff that will make sure your horse gets all the supplements and the right amount of grain. Your horse will have free-choice grass hay and regular turnout is available. If anything happens to your horse, we will contact you immediately and provide veterinary care if needed. We also have a farrier, equine chiropractor, and equine dentist coming regularly if your horse would need any of these services, feel free to let us know! Farrier's Trim is $50

4. What will communication be like during my horse’s training period?

Every horse owner is different and we understand that your horse is your pride and joy. Although not guaranteed, Cassie regularly puts videos and highlights from training horses and colt starting on his facebook page. Due to liability, we have stopped sending 2 week update videos due to people wanting to come pick up their horse thinking that it is now ready for them, even if only 2 weeks under saddle due to the progress that Cass is able to make with them. We want to be honest with you and your horse's progress, so please understand that although horses are going through the process with Cass, it doesn't immediately mean that they are beginner ready/forgiving yet. Every horse will be different and we will do everything we can to make sure that you are accurately updated on our suggestions for continued training or rider type if needed. Should you want an update on your horse, you are welcome to call us. Some owners prefer to just come pick their horse up and don't care to be bothered so we let the owners have open communication with our contact number for what questions you would like answered. We’d be happy to share more on your horse’s progress! Please have patience with our response time as it may take a couple hours for us to get back in the office after training horses all day.

5. How do I pay for my horse’s training?

Current training rates are $2,000 per month all-inclusive. We require a minimum of 60 days of training (colt starting) 30-60 days for older horses depending on their needs. Payment is due upfront at the start of every new training month. You will be sent an invoice to the email stated in the horse training contract. Payment methods include PayPal, Venmo, Cash, or Check. Late payments will be assessed an additional late fee. 

6. What does my horse need to have done before coming to training?

Horses must have current negative coggins and proof of UTD vaccination for Strangles, Equine Influenza, Rhino (EHV 1 & 4), West Nile, EEE/WEE, and Tetanus. For the safety of your horse and all other training horses, we will be checking this prior to the arrival of your horse.   We also suggest making sure that your horse has a great body condition score and has been reset or trimmed by the farrier prior to coming to make sure that we can start straight into training without any set backs.​

7. What does my horse's daily maintenance consist of?

Breakfast is served at 7am and Dinner at 4pm daily. Free choice hay is available 24/7 . Turn-out paddocks are used on rotation for play, rolling, and sun time. Each horse receives proper fly spray and sunscreen (if needed) before being turned out. All training horses are only turned out with 2-4 other horses in a semi private paddock. Paddocks are fenced with an electric fence barrier. All horses are worked 5-6 days per week. 

8. What does a normal day of training look like for my horse?

Depending on the time of year, your horse may be ridden at any point throughout the day when it is their turn. During the summer hours, we switch to riding horses in the early morning, overnight, and/or late evening. Horses will not be ridden in the high heat of the day if over 90-95* or below 10*. Ride time for each horse will vary depending on what the goals are for that horse, what they are working on for the day, and how far along they are in training. Each horse is started in Preschool, regardless of their abilities/past training, and then Cass offers them the final exam of every grade level until they fail. When they fail, he fixes the root of the problem and then moves on to the next grade level. It's the same process for colt starting horses.  Many of the colt starting horses have a super successful first ride in the first session due to this philosophy. This allows the horse to have an easy and enjoyable first month of training with actual riding. Our program DOES NOT wear the horse out to get what we want. 

​Normal Daily Training Schedule:
-Tie In Saddling Area
-Groom (Brush, Shine Spray, Saddle, Fly Spray)
-Tie & Stand Patiently For Their Turn
-Grade School Prep (Avg. 5 Minutes After Initial Session) -- 
-Training Session (Avg. 45 Minutes - 1.5 Hours -- Could Include: Round Pen, Arena, Obstacle Course, Park, Trails, Trails Next To Roadway, Etc.)
-Turn Out Or Extra Tie Time (With Water Access) Depending On Weather And Needs
-Bath (Shampoo, Conditioner, Detangler, Shine Spray, Fly Spray etc)
-Tie Time To Dry
-Return To Paddock
*Extra Activities May Be Added Based On Needs/Goals For The Horse

9. What will my horse learn during training?

​​Every horse is different and will advance on varied levels. However, the following is our typical basic standard for a horse that leaves here after 60 days as a colt starting horse. This will vary for horses that come here with no human exposure and have to be unloaded off the trailer with no handling experience. Please have realistic expectations for horses that have to learn how to trust humans, being handled, and pressure & release system.

-Walk, Trot (Or Gait), Canter Undersaddle And Over Obstacles
-Trail Ride (Cross Water, Logs, Etc.)
-Obstacle Course
-Arena Work
-Ride In A Halter
-Started In A Snaffle Bit
-Direct Rein
-Intro To Neck Reining (Depending On How Quick They Advance)
-Mounting from ground and block
-Intro To Spinning/Pivots
-Intro To Side Passing
-Respecting Personal Space
-Overall Handling

If your horse has already been started undersaddle and has any issues with the above, we can work through those issues as well as work on anything you want. We will do as much as we can in the time that we have your horse to reach your goals.

Other Things That Your Horse Can Learn & Or Be Started On:

-Problem Solving (Loading, Bucking, Biting, Rearing, Refusing, Etc.)
-More Advanced Riding Skills (Spins, Stops, Two-Tracking, Etc.)
-Trailer Loading/Unloading
-Neck Reining
-Parade Prep
-Mounted Shooting
-Lay Down
-Gait Work (Trotting/Pacing)
-Spooky Horses
-And Anything Else You May Want Or Request!!!
***Please Be Sure To List Anything That You Would Like Worked On!***

10. What will I get at the conclusion of my horse's training?

Every horse gets 1 FREE exit appointment at the end of your horse's training. This will be scheduled on or close to your horse's last day of training. Additional days of training after your last training date will be billed at $67/day (Pro-Rated Training Rate). Additional lesson sessions during the time of your horse's training will be $100/hour and must be scheduled in advance since we have to shut down the barn for outside appointments due to the liability with some of the dangerous training horses that we get in here.

During your exit appointment, you will spend approximately 1 hour going through all of the steps with Cassie, seeing what your horse has learned/worked on, and then riding the horse yourself. At that time, you can either take your horse home as planned or you can decide if you'd like your horse to stay another month to learn more. Either way works perfect for us, we are flexible!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to us! We'd be happy to answer them for you!