Why do we love the Rocky Gait?

Rockies are known for their even four beat lateral gait called a saddle rack. At birth this breed is capable of a walk, trot, gait, pace, canter or gallop. 

Depending on the individual in terms of training and conformation, they will perform any variation of these gaits. During training, the proper condition is built to maintain the gait and carry the addition of the rider.



 The end result is a properly executed four beat gait that varies with the conformation of the individual. Often a properly balanced Rocky around or under 15HH gaits best. Otherwise I find they perform more like a true rack or a Tennessee walker swingy gait. The taller the horse the more lift and movement. 

Their ground covering shorter stride is exciting and comfortable. They have a great ability to lift their withers and drive from the hindquarters with a compact, athletic body.

 Not only is the gait exciting, Rockies' athletic ability to perform is appealing as well. They look wonderful doing what they were bred to do! Not to mention other gaits like the canter are easily achieved with Rockies!

Types of gait: 

Any one individual horse in any of the gaited breeds could be trained (depending on conformation)  any one of the major gaits:

Running Walk

Saddle Rack

True Rack


Stepping Pace

Fox Trot


 And many others!

Each gait can vary with changes in balance, tack and training. My goal is to bring out the SMOOTHEST most balanced gait in the individual horse. This means developing correct muscle and tone for collection.