Horses at R2 always are up to date on health, trimming, deworming and vaccinations. Not many farms with larger herds can say that they give each of their horses OPTIMUM and INDIVIDUAL health or attention. 

Being a rather small breeding facility we can give all our horses individual attention to their specific needs. Even broodmares are routinely trimmed to maintain proper hoof care, vaccinated to ensure the health of their foals and dewormed to remove parasites on a regular rotation.

The staff at R2 has an University accredited Equine Management Degree to ensure an even higher level of health and awareness.

All inputs are carefully monitored. Hay is carefully selected for adequate protein, calcium and phosphorus as well as NDF, ADF, DM and moisture content. Minerals are offered in 3 different types of free choice mineral blocks. 

Water is the number one nutrient! Tanks are clean and always monitored. Never do we EVER allow horses to drink from natural water sources (i.e. ponds or streams). There is a potential for them to pick up harmful bacteria or protozoa that can be harmful to their health! (i.e. Uvitis of the eye, sometimes attributed to the chocolate color and MCOA, but it's entirely environmental!) 

​Overweight horses are dieted/exercised, thin horses are fed extra feed (PREMIUM PELLETED PRODUCTS). We desire all of our young stock to look like they are using those small fat reserves for the best chance of growing! We don't like ribs or hay bellies on our babies! Ribby bellies means either bad hay or parasites! 

**All Training horses must have completed a boarding and training contract with owners phone numbers and addresses for safety!**

Broodmares coming for stud services must have adequate handling skills and are required to be safe horses on the ground. **Broodmares must also complete a breeding agreement.**

Young horses are handled often. All stock must be catchable for safety!

Reckless behavior will not be tolerated at any time. You will be asked to immediately leave the Ranch.

Health & Safety 


**All Riders must complete a riding waiver. They must also complete a helmet exemption form if they choose not to wear one.**

No corners are cut for the health of our horses!

All horses arriving on the Ranch must have:

*Negative Coggins and health certificate

*Recently Trimmed by a farrier

*Recently Dewormed (Ivermectin recommended)

*Halter broke

*Recent 5 WAY