A very pretty mare that has been building her skills. After some time off before we purchased this mare she had been a superior trail horse! We plan to expand her skills and see what she can do. So far, she is a very sturdy ride! 

Sired by possibly the most prolific show horse in the later 90's and 2000's- it seems everyone loves their Pence's Blue Boy horses! We quickly can see why- She's sweet and well gaited with a large structure!

Her dam was owned by a prolific and kind RMHA breeder, Anna Townsend. She always had an eye for the best rockies and compassion for them. 

Bella Blue
​​​2008 Grey RMHA mare; "BooBoo"


​DOB: 4/10/2008

​Color/Height: Silver black (Chocolate) grey (EE, aa, Gg, N/Z); 14.3HH

Supreme pedigree: PENCES BLUE BOY x Amigo Blue mare

A valuable PBB horse with low inbreeding coefficient! 

Athletic: Yes, canters and gaits well! Gaits on the ground and wherever she goes

Safe: Yes, seems to "make sure" you know what your doing in case she could take it easy during her ride

Rider Type/Skills: Advanced beginner (horsemanship skills a plus); advanced trail riding experienced, non spooky type

Personality: Sweet, investigative,  Middle/lower of the herd dominance type. 

Farrier/trailer: Great! No issues. No vices. No laminitic episodes.

​Vet: fully vaccinated and boostered 6 way; PHF rabies; strangles vaccine; Dewormed using Ivermectin/Pyrantal/ Fenbendazole

​Broodmare rating: We strictly categorize our mare's strengths and weaknesses all the way around. Bella is one of our best! R2 has a core score of 8 /10 on this fine mare just because she doesn't have a foal history