​DOB: 6/5/2010

​Color/Height: Silver bay (Ee, Aa, N/Z); 14.2HH

Supreme pedigree: Dock's Apache Gold X Anna's Gypsey <Click for pedigree info: 

A DOCK bred mare with TOBE and TIM within 4 generations!

Athletic: Yes, canters and gaits well! Foxy uses her hind end!

Safe: Yes, forward is her middle name and is the only thing that may inhibit a novice rider. She is also understanding of riders with multiple skill sets!

Rider Type/Skills: Advanced beginner (horsemanship skills a plus); advanced trail riding experienced, performs advanced horsemanship maneuvers with a more skilled rider.  

Personality: Sweet, investigative, sometimes sensitive to rider aids but not always. Middle of the herd dominance type. 

Farrier/trailer: Great! No issues. No vices. No laminitic episodes.

​Vet: fully vaccinated and boostered 6 way; PHF rabies; strangles vaccine; Dewormed using Ivermectin/Pyrantal/ Fenbendazole

​Broodmare rating: We strictly categorize our mare's strengths and weaknesses all the way around. Foxy is one of our best! R2 has a core score of 9 /10 on this fine mare. This core score evaluates gait, conformation, expression & mind. Our total grade is 21/26 with Type, gait, and intelligence being her top strengths!

Foxy went to Midwest Horse Fair 2022!

I'm A Foxy Lady

2010 Silver bay RMHA mare; "Foxy"

Foxy came to us through a private owner in Colorado. Within 5 rides we knew she was a gentle soul and has a strong resume of experience. We brought Foxy along to our 2022 Minnesota Horse Expo to experience the sights... she did so well! Foxy gaited beautifully in the large indoor and outdoor arenas! Strollers and children didn't phase her. Stalling for 4 days straight didn't stress her. What a gem!

I was told from previous owners that she was a beginner safe "wife horse" from being started in Kentucky and sold to Texas where she lived for 5 years. From there she was a solid "elk hunting mount" for a beginner type older gentleman in Colorado for 4 years where she packed equipment and rode up and down the foothills encountering all the mountainous terrain and riding at elevation. 

Our riding and training will continue to strengthen this mare -(she has provided my Husband with some excellent trail miles!!)... Foxy is also proving herself an excellent dam of superior babies!

Many of our friends and followers love Foxy and want us to continue to promote this amazing Rocky!


A dependable sure-footed mount!

Foxy's Foals!