Misty - Rainy's dam at 27 years; Compare her gait's timing with Rainy's!

My son enjoys Rainy! She is pleased to oblige. 

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​2014 Silver Sorrel RMHA Mare; "Rainy"

A Farm Raised Family Favorite!


DOB: 6/11/2014
Height: a solid 15HH, Wide bodied mare with great balance and very hard hooves. 
Color: Silver Sorrel, ee aa nZ

Full Pedigree: Click Here for Full Pedigree

Athletic, Safe, Sound

Rider type: Advanced Beginner
Training/Skills:  Natural Horsemanship, Gaited Dressage, Trail riding, "fancy broke", Slower than our typical mare going down the trail; Skijoring
Personality: Puppy dog, in your pocket, loves people, often middle dominance in the herd. Rainy is the type of horse you can breed and foal out then start to ride right away... always the same ride as you left her the season prior!

Farrier/trailer: Great! No issues. No vices. No laminitic episodes.
Vet: fully vaccinated and boostered 6 way; PHF rabies; strangles vaccine; Dewormed using Ivermectin/Pyrantal/ Fenbendazole
Broodmare rating: We strictly categorize our mare's strengths and weaknesses all the way around. Rainy is one of our best! R2 has a core score of 9++ /10 on this fine mare. This core score evaluates gait, conformation, expression &  mind. Our total score is 22/26 with Temperament, Type, and broodmareability being her top strengths!

Rainy simply is irreplaceable as a broodmare! She makes the best foals!! Here are her foals!

Ode To Rainy's dam, Misty: A matriarch of the breed and truly a gem, Misty is no longer producing offspring but we are proudly breeding her filly, Rainy, producing supreme offspring that go on to be superior and favored after trail horses.

We specifically selected Misty as our foundation producer.

Misty is out of Little Red, hardy little mare. Her sire is Sambo who is by Sam Clemon's Tim another very prominent founding sire. We love Misty's overall balance and stocky stature (Rainy is her clone!). Born in 1991 she is a major contributor producing more than 20 Rocky foals. Most of which are sought after and hardy trail mounts.

Misty has a legacy we know will carry on with her Daughter, Rainy.

We carefully started Rainy undersaddle SLOW during her 3 and 4 year old year. She has proven herself to be quiet, extremely smart, well gaited and the epitome of our riding and breeding program. We plan to continue to promote, ride and breed this fine mare. As a 6-8 year old we have steadily trail ridden Rainy, continued to teach riding lessons through her and brought her to promotional events!

Considering Rainy is the last foal produced by Smith’s Misty Rose, and the first foal crop by our stallion, Special Reserve, We finished this mare with the goal to promote the breed further. She is ideal in all aspects we want to produce in the breed. Conformation, Foundation, Gait, Temperament. She is the last in a tried and true line of Foundation Rockies in her lineage. Rainy has produced her first foal in 2021 and we are ecstatic for what she can do!