Not just beautiful but the most talented...

A beautiful 2023 spring Maternaty photo shoot with Alyssa Smolen Photography 

LOOK AT HER BABIES!   Sage stamps her foals with SUPREME quality! They live all across the USA!

Over 200 competitors and 50,000 spectators made our event very exciting at MN Extreme Event's Skijoring at Canterbury Park!


Height: a solid 15HH- Medium build with muscled and balanced body. Great shape, very sturdy feet! Great mane/tail with length!

Color: Silver Grullo EE, nZ, D/nd2 (1 copy of Dun and one copy of nd2. Horse will have Dun dilution and express primitive markings. Horse can pass on Dun dilution with primitive marking 50% of the time.)


Sage was born and bred in Minnesota. R2 had the opportunity to start and train this lovely, intelligent mare during her 3 year old season- 2014. In 2019 we had the opportunity to purchase Sage from her owners whom allowed us to lease her. With my history riding and handling this mare, I approve this Dun gene mare over hundreds of others as being a superior, balanced, SMOOTH premium Dun mare.  Spanish Sundown has many, many offspring and DUN has been a major fad in the RMHA breed. However, Crossing the Spanish Sundown stallion to one TOP NOTCH mare (Heart breaker- MAGNUMxNICK), producing Silver Sage and just one other full sister makes this individual something special. She is stand out as far as balance, personality and gait. DUN factor (or the stripes and mousey color) makes her that much more beautiful and valuable as a broodmare! 

Training: Skijoring, Natural Horsemanship, Gaited Dressage, Gymkhana, advanced trail riding, cattle sorting, would be possibly suited to advanced beginner or intermediate rider. Her gait will be for forward moving on the trail. She likes to move out but slows down too.

Personality: Puppy dog, in your pocket, loves people, top mare in the herd but fair and friendly. Sage is the type of horse you can breed and foal then start to ride right away... always the same ride as you left her the season prior!

Athletic, Safe, Sound

Farrier/trailer: Great! No issues. No vices. No laminitic episodes.
​Vet: fully vaccinated and boostered 6 way; PHF rabies; strangles vaccine; Dewormed using Ivermectin/Pyrantal/ Fenbendazole

​Broodmare rating: We strictly categorize our mare's strengths and weaknesses all the way around. Sage is one of our best! R2 has a core score of 9+ /10 on this fine mare. This core score evaluates gait, conformation, expression &  mind. Our total score is 23/26 with color, height, and broodmareability being her top strengths!

Silver Sage
​2011 Silver Grullo RMHA Mare; "Sage"