Vinyardhill's Spanish Honey

​2022 Palomino Roan RMHA Mare; "Meily"


​DOB: 2/23/22

​Color/Genetics: Palomino + Classic Roan; no silver

Height: 15-15.2HH projected

Full Pedigree: <Click Here for Full Pedigree; With greats like Maple's Squirrel, Buck, Milagro, on the top side - Dock/Johnson Toby combo and NICK on the bottom we are excited to add her to our program!

Athletic: Shows great athleticism and amazing transitions between gaits; Also seems so gentle and easy going for a young horse!

Safe: Does everything expected as a young horse; our hauler said "best handled animal during the haul" for the multiple day trip!

Rider Type/Skills: na

Personality: This filly learns fast and already ADORES people! She takes everything in stride and already seems to have done it all (for a baby!) We are excited to watch her grow up! She is SMART, full of a GENTLE personality, solid build/correct, exhibits a 4 beat gait and a trot at liberty, has a mane/tail for days and days!  

Farrier/trailer: Great! No issues. No vices. No laminitic episodes.

​Vet: fully vaccinated and boostered 6 way; PHF rabies; strangles vaccine; Dewormed using Ivermectin/Pyrantal/ Fenbendazole

​Broodmare rating: We strictly categorize our mare's strengths and weaknesses all the way around. We'll assess her soon!