Seller Consignments

Pricing Data

Full Time Training: January booking $1500/ Month and 2+ months are recommended

Training :(Late season booking) $2000/ month

Yearly promotions may apply! Have you seen any promotions on Facebook

Lessons : Lesson packages at $85/ hr Children or adults (5 Lesson hours= $425) Early booking
If R2 provides a horse: $50 / hr (package deals may be available)

Returning customer/Seasonal discounts apply!

One hour lesson (not booked as a package): $100/hr

Clinics: 2 day clinic: $550 (Local)
Traveling Clinic: (Total depends on milage- 10 person minimum) Price for a 3d Weekend Clinic + Group: $5000
40$ audit

Multiple day discounts! 

5 day clinic: Email me

Are you looking for a Rocky but just not quite finding the right one? I know we can't train enough for everyone But I can help!

Allow my connections nationwide work for you!

I can help!

I will seek out the right one per your requirements

Included in price:


Seller interviews

Horse health check 




Want that chocolate gelding? Need him gaiting softly undersaddle in a snaffle bit? Advanced beginner safe?

Once price: contact me!

You are no longer scouring the earth!

​Prices start at $25,000 - estimated (more depending on the initial cost of the horse and travel) 

Purchase price depends: $XX,000+ rather green; 2X,000+ more finished RMHA- Base prices of a Rocky Mountain horse are extremely unpredictable at this time *no guarantees* 

Travel: $2/mile

Custom Training: $3000+ ie needs to be desensitized or go slow for beginner riders; always trained on trail

Just want help finding a horse? Hire me to find him for $100/hr

Buyer Consulting for  Rocky Mountain horses

Price List

Buying From R2:

Price Categories:

Cat A 5000 – 7500 Weanlings, some yearlings; All well fed, *Imprinted* vaccinated and dewormed, handled
Cat B 7500 – 10000 Yearlings/ Two year olds with solid groundwork- 
Cat C 10000 – 15000: 3-4 year olds with a great start (2-3 months of foundation training and generally ready for an advanced beginner or intermediate adult) Possibly middle aged horses for intermediate riders, very broke & may not have a flashy look.
Cat D 15000 – 25000 : Usually more seasoned 4-5 year olds or totally beginner safe / aged horses that may be 16yo+ with a lifetime of riding and experience camping, lessons, Sound.
Cat E 25000 – 45000 : Well showcased and well trained/seasoned family horses that may not be as flashy. Dependable and sound.
Cat F 45000-+ + Horses that exhibit popular color and showcase a fabulous foundation of training through R2. These horses are used on the farm for many purposes and as family/lesson/ ranch work. Trustworthy. Beginner safe. Chocolate/flashy color geldings. Chocolate/ flashy color mares. 6-14 years old. Many years with our training program on and off farm, shows and trail riding with tons of desensitization (# of years varies). These are horses we have promoted the breed with and currently ride. We will consider parting with our best of the best but that comes at a price since we custom trained these horses for many purposes and for our clients who do lessons. Dependable and sound.

Sometimes we do offer horses at lower price points, We love some of our older horses but when they age they may not be sound in some way shape or form (we offer full disclosure from our vet) These could be light riding horses or aged horses (20+) that are sound and capable of carrying their rider for many many more years. This is one way to still enjoy a rocky on a limited budget. We want to be someone you can trust and we guarantee giving you all they information you need to start a relationship off right even though the horse may need minimal care items. 

These prices have also been observed pricing nationwide(2022)

We don't consign horses perse, (contact me for options)

If you are an owner looking to rehome your gaited horse, The consignment is 2 month of training paid (rather then a percentage of the sale). 

If you need further marketing assistance, I will create ads, attractive photos, video, build a web page, advertise on active gaited sale sites, and find prospective buyers from my database to show your horse to: $100/ hr for this service.

2024 pricing