During his off season, McCoy is ridden lightly at this time by his family. Their skill set ranges from Beginner to advanced - McCoy is already proving how gentle he can be. 

You can see from the video above that this boy still needs to prove himself but very effortless to his trainer... gave the most perfect beginning gait for certification within 2-3 rides. 

Below, you can see a very straight legged & correctly balanced colt! He will be very muscled over the rear to carry a rider through tough terrain or even rope and drag a calf! We prefer this type of conformation over a lighter build because of their versatility performing other things than just a gait (as previously listed). This heavy stature does not impede his way of gaiting or moving, in fact he has a great & true canter to go along with an effortless gait!

These are surely traits to expect when crossing to your mares in the future. 

What to know what your McCoy foal could be like? Here are some photos of sweet baby McCoy to show you his quality and unforgetable loving/playful nature:

The Real McCoy

McCoy's dam is now producing foals in the UK! She is unique because of her OLD lineage and large bone with Baroque stature. She is from Montana's largest and finest western Rocky Mountain breeding farm: Mountain Magic Ranch. We used her for trail riding, endurance and horse expos to showcase this awesome breed! She passes on her stature, height, kind expression, effortless gait, color and wisdom from the mountains.... 

McCoy is a gorgeous son of our ownEureka Eldorado(click here to see more) providing both SAM and TIM lineages that are affectionately referred to the GOLDEN CROSS (for their fantastic gait and gentle personality), other keystone stallions in his pedigree include: BUDDY'S MOUNTAIN MAJOR and SONNY. 

On his dam's side his pedigree includes foundation stallions YANKEE and TIM providing a flowing and smooth moving gait that is effortless!  

Uniquely, McCoy does not have Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown (KCS) in his pedigree. This particular son of Tobe is one of the most prevalent in the breed today. If you are concerned about inbreeding to KCS- this is your unique cross. 

This young stud colt is growing up correctly and already meeting certification standards (min. 14.2HH) for stallions certified in the RMHA (Not many horses reach a true 15HH hight.) McCoy is expected (through cannon bone estimations) to reach 15.1HH- 15.3HH at maturity! 

He has been officially certified to meet breed standards within the RMHA and received his gold seal.

McCoy is a Silver Buckskin (Black, red, creme, agouti and silver genes) he surely is chosen to offer his genetics through his personality, conformation and gait rather than color... but that happens to be the icing on the cake. We also do not believe in omitting certain color factors in our breeding stock due to color preferences alone. 

Owned by Full Moon Farms/ Standing at R Squared Ranch during the breeding season. Off season he is pastured with other horse herdmates on a large pasture with many different types of animals! He gets to live a turned out life!

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