Above: Smith's Ginger, another grandson of Tobe that isn't given enough credit for his correctness and versatility. 

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office defines the Rocky Mountain Horse® as "a Horse having a medium height, a broad chest, an ambling four-beat gait, a gentle temperament and a solid body color.” All Rocky Mountain Horses will demonstrate the gait, conformation and gentle temperament as stated in the Bylaws of the Rocky Mountain Horse®Association, Inc.


Gait:  The Rocky Mountain Horse® naturally demonstrates a smooth ambling gait that glides forward. The horse moves out with a lateral gait in which one can count four distinct hoof-beats that produce a cadence of near equal rhythm. The speed may vary but the four beat rhythm remains constant. The gait may technically be described as the simultaneous but asynchronous motion of the legs on the same side of the body followed by the movement of the legs on the opposite side. The gait is initiated with the hind leg. The length of stride for both hind and foreleg should be nearly equal.  The Rocky Mountain Horse moves his feet with minimal ground clearance and minimal knee and hock action.  Because the gait does not waste motion, it enables the horse to travel long distance with minimal tiring.  


Conformation:  The height of the Rocky Mountain Horse will be no less than 58 inches (14.2 hands) and no more than 64 inches (16.0 hands).  Medium sized bones, with medium sized feet in proportion to the body.  A wide and deep chest with a span between the forelegs.  The fore and hind legs should be free of noticeable deformity.  Sloping shoulders (ideally with an angle of 45 degrees).  Bold eyes, well-shaped ears and a face that is neither dished nor protruding.  The head should be of medium size in proportion to the body with medium jaws.  The neck should be gracefully arched, medium in length and set on an angle to allow natural carriage with a break at the poll.  The horse must have a solid body color.  There shall be no white above the knee or hock except on the face where modest amounts of white markings are acceptable.  Excessive facial markings such as a "bald faced" horse are not acceptable.


Rocky Mountain Horse Breed Standard