The Smoking Dun aka "Bruno"

A gorgeous chocolate filly was born by Bruno!

Registered name: R2 The Smoking Dun (Click here to see RMHA pedigree database)

Breed: Full foundation Rocky Mountain

​Great dun factor markings on legs, stripe down back, shoulder barring and eye masking.
Color: Grullo Genetics: EE aa D/nd2- 1 copy of Dun and one copy of nd2. 
Sex: Male

DOB:  5-29-19
Height: 14.3
Markings: Star strip snip; Hind R pastern

Sire: Beamer's Clipart (15 HH) 
Dam: Silver Sage (15 HH)

Bruno's Dam is a well known and proven Lesson horse that is a joy as a husband horse as well! She competes in whatever arena we use her in and absolutely love her! 

Bruno's Sire is known for his gentleness and ease keeping as a stallion. His owner comments that she simply cannot find another one quite like him. 

Bruno is also is so easy to handle! Under saddle has an idea he is a stallion & does not test boundaries etc..  He has a solid, non-spooky mind! His gaits are smooth and coming along with strength and maturity. He has gone camping and trail riding with a large group - what an ideal horse... 

He gets along with all kinds. We have a mix of mares, geldings, pony, babies, yearlings, pregnant mares.  

Rockies are smart, willing, friendly and above all, loyal. They give you their ALL!

Bruno was produced as a foal and put under saddle by R2 Ranch! Now sold as a gelding

The Smoking Dun FOALS:

A STUNNING dun colt was born by Bruno! Click his photo for more info.