Our Values

Our goals are to produce hand selected Rocky Mountain Horses that are true to the foundations of the breed and train for the purest of gait.


"She’s a joy to ride, never refuses a challenge, and continues to impress us all with her great heart and her never-quit attitude."   

"...finally seeing a smile on (my daughter's ) face and to recognize the boost in her confidence level..."

.Supreme Trainability .Vintage Pedigree. Extremely Versatile. 

"discovering that horses and humans truly can become one in the saddle." 

What are folks saying?

Correctness, Square Gait, Gentleness, Intelligence, Foundation

The Rocky Mountain Horse at R Squared Ranch

Focused on the promotion, education and breeding of this rare gaited horse

The Rocky Mountain Horse Breed Standard states: "a Horse having a medium height, a broad chest, an ambling four-beat gait, a gentle temperament and a solid body color.” 

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The oral history of the Rocky Mountain horse is said to be derived from Jennet or Spanish blood, this is different than most other gaited horse breeds that are the most popular in the USA today. Click here to read more about their origins

R2 is family owned and operated. We love our horses like we love our family.


R2 Ranch is plotted along beautiful Wisconsin farmland just about an hour northeast from the twin cities and surrounding metro/ MSP airport