Our "Legacy" Rockies are "solid as a square" at R Squared!

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Our "Legacy" Rockies are "solid as a square" at R Squared!

YES!! Want to help preserve the breed? Contact R Squared Ranch! Your local ambassador!


*Special temperament

*Smoothest gaits

*Did you know they are the SOFTEST breed?

*Unprecedented beauty

*Most athletic gaited breed

"...finally seeing a smile on (my daughter's ) face and to recognize the boost in her confidence level..." (student's mother seeing big changes)

​"She never once panicked or refused. .... man are we a team now. The little horse with heart. [💞] Thank you for her.." (Peep's new owner)

.Supreme Trainability .Vintage Pedigree. Extremely Versatile. 

R Squared Ranch is Proudly owned by the family of Ryan and Cassie Rose

What are folks saying?

First Foals are arriving!! 

Correctness, Square Gait, Gentleness, Intelligence, Foundation

Foals are due in March - April! 

Where to find us out and about this season:

Are Rocky Mountain Horses Rare?

​​The Rocky Mountain Horse of R Squared Ranch

Focused on the preserving, promoting and breeding of this rare gaited horse

The Rocky Mountain Horse Breed Standard states: "a Horse having a medium height, a broad chest, an ambling four-beat gait, a gentle temperament and a solid body color.” 

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The Rocky Mountain horse is said to be derived from Jennet or Spanish blood combined with other gaited mountain stock. This Landrace breed has blossomed in Kentucky....

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